Keeping yields low is what allows us to make great wines.During summer season and up to three times each summer, we practis the socalled “Green Harvest”, that is to cut off bunches of unripe grapes in order to reduce production quantities (about 50,00 per ha)and maximize quality. It requires great skill, as the grape quantity needs to be reduced to an optimal level, taking into consideration both past and future weather conditions and particular characteristics of the vintage. Only through the production of moderate small quantities we obtain a great value wine, giving the characteristics and identity of the terrain and achieving great quality, obtaining an optimal concentration of sugar, a perfect ripeness of tannins and maintaining perfect fruit flavors in the juice. As growth, yields and grape size differ from vintage to vintage, it is very important to set goals in advance regarding how many bunches to cut for each variety and vineyard. The earlier the Green Harvest, the more sun and energy the remaing fruit is able to absorb before it is time for picking . By far the busiest time of the year, this period requires careful judgement, experience and intuition. Generally we start the harvest with our white varieties at the beginning of September. At the end of September/beginning of October we harvest Barbera. The perfect moment to begin picking in each individual vineyard is determined by the ripeness of the grapes, the sugar and acidity content, and overall weather conditions. All of our grapes are picked by hand and placed in small 15 kilos capacity plastic crates for transport to the winery. This manual process requires great attention from the moment the fruit is picked in the vineyard to the moment it is crushed in the cellar.